Try us FREE for 60 days, or 200 transfers!

AdTransit allows every advertiser, ad agency, and design firm to try our service free for 60 days or 200 transmissions, whichever comes first. After the trial we offer pre-paid blocks of ad transfers that do not expire.

Pre-paid transfers Cost:

40 for $26.45, 66 cents each

100 for $42.35, 42 cents each

500 for $158.95, 32 cents each

1,000 for $264.95, 26 cents each

2,500 for $529.95, 21 cents each

Users who send over 50 transfers per month will wish to upgrade to AdTransit Enhanced Service. Enhanced includes your first 600 transfers in the one year of service. The cost is $895 per year for the below bundle of extra features:

-800 # telephone support. Without Enhanced Service, all support is e-mail based after your free trial.

-The ability to send to every newspaper in our network. Without Enhanced service you are limited to 50 newspapers in your profile.

-Detailed 30 day tracking report that offers delivery status at a glance, ad ticket and file archive of all transactions, and detailed ad reception reporting. Eliminates the need to track ad reception with e-mail receipts.

-The ability to send the same ad file to up to six newspapers at a time, rather than one at a time.

-20 MB file size limit. Without Enhanced or Broadcast service, the file size limit is 10 MB.

We also offer a Broadcast Service package for large department stores or others who send the same ad file to large distribution lists. This feature allows you to build distribution lists and store them, build them on-the-fly, and send the same file to as many as 1,000 newspapers at once. It also offers a "Send Later" feature which allows you to produce job tickets, place them on hold, and come back to transmit later when you have the ad file. Broadcast service increases the file size limit to 35 MB and also includes all Enhanced Features as well. The cost is $4,995.00 per year including your first 600 transfers. Additional transfers are priced as above.