Publisher Service Options

Free Basic plan: E-mail notification, Web-based ad/ticket download, 10 day archive. No charge for unlimited service. This plan requires the manual downloading of ads from a Web browser, and human interface. No automated retrieval is permitted.

Enhanced plan: Same as above, with 30 day archive upgrade, and your banner on our ad transmission ticket. $299.95 per year.

Direct Delivery plan: Requires dedicated Windows Server, $1,500.00 AdTransit Retriever application from AdTransit, and annual cost of $2,590.00. The Retriever application automatically downloads ad files from AdTransit, creates a job ticket with ad file thumbnail, automatically prints the ticket, and routes the ad file and xml ticket data to a location you custom select.

This plan is also available to users of CNI AdDesk. An automated connection between AdDesk and AdTransit costs $2,590.00 per year, with no setup fees.

Both Retriever and AdDesk delivery come with 24/7 monitoring of connections, triggering alerts if ad files are not downloaded within one hour.

C.O.D. Plan: This plan may be used with any of the above three plans. With the C.O.D. plan, publications pay for incoming ad transfers instead of the advertiser or agency paying. With this service, publishers can offer a free and highly reliable service to a large block of advertisers and agencies.

Enhanced and Premium level advertisers and agencies do not deduct from your account as they transmit, they pay us instead. These tend to be larger companies.

The C.O.D. Plan:

20 MB Plan: $624.95 for a block of 2,500 transfers, or 25 cents each.